23bee) Queen Shrill Carder Bee

195 GBP

Queen Shrill Carder Bee
1.5x actual size.

This is a really special bee - it even has its own society.  Why? Well, because it's one of the UK’s rarest bumble bees.  The shrill carder bee can be found on Salisbury Plain and the Somerset Levels, feeding on red clover, birds-foot trefoil and white dead nettle. They don’t travel far relying on nearby flower rich meadows and grasslands.

Vintage powder compact, embroidery thread, wool, vintage Kamibari gold thread, beads 

Thank you for your interest in this piece - all sales go to support the continuing journey of the FIFTY BEES project. Please contact me should you wish to consider breaking the cost down into 2 or 3 more manageable payments.