31bee) Male Long-horned Bee

225 GBP

Male Long-horned Bee I've been fascinated by these creatures ever since I started working on the FIFTY BEES - they are wonderful, enchanting, if you get a chance, look them up on YouTube. They're also one of the UK's most highly declined bees, the majority of its strongholds are along the coast with a few in the Midlands - which is why my mum was the perfect person to create the companion piece called 31a) 'Sunday Walk - Taking the Air' , also available on the website. This is a male Long-horned Bee and is 2x actual size. I really enjoyed making it, working the wool into the soft leather of this vintage stud pot and creating the wings out of fine net. I then finished it with embroidery thread, vintage Kamibari gold thread and beads.

Thank you for your interest in this piece - all sales go to support the continuing journey of the FIFTY BEES project. Please contact me should you wish to consider breaking the cost down into 2 or 3 more manageable payments.