35bee) Female Cliff Furrow Bee

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Female Cliff Furrow Bee - number 35 of 50 British Bees created for 'FIFTY BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things'.
I was so excited when three of these beautiful little containers arrived in the post. They are a delight: the sweet posey on the front, the button that has to be depressed to make the little door pop open and the small loop for hanging the piece on a fob chain.
So this needed something small and special inside and the Cliff Furrow Bee comes in at a tiny 4mm in real life; in the little vintage container it is 4x it's actual size. I made this by sculpting with wool, needle felting it into one of the tiny vintage fob ink tins. I then finished with embroidery thread, vintage Kamibari gold thread and beads.
Thank you for your interest in this piece - all sales go to support the continuing journey of the FIFTY BEES project. Please contact me should you wish to consider breaking the cost down into 2 or 3 more manageable payments.