35a) Female Cliff Furrow Bee ~ by Linn O’Carroll

350 GBP

Linn O’Carroll A walk to Eype beach: to search for material of place – the place of material where the rare Cliff Furrow bee nests in the lower clay landslips. I have created a box that contains a concertina book which maps the habitat, flowers visited and flight season. Playing with the hidden element of looking inside, as if entering a burrow, searching for evidence. Narratives, notes to self, drawing, print, specimens embedded in wax combined with clay from the site creates a materiality. The opportunity for the viewer to hold the piece of work, to connect with the bee made the mapping of my investigations all the more potent. Clay dust is left on the viewer’s fingers – in memory of place. Media: found box, Eype clay, graphite, letraset, watercolour, ink, wax, collage, charcoal on gessoed watercolour paper.
This piece was paired with 35bee which is also available on this website.