40bee) Female Orange-horned Nomad Bee

175 GBP

Female Orange-horned Nomad Bee

2x actual size

This is what our companion artist, Lesley Hill, says about her bee: 

"My bee’s habitat is heathland and sandy brownfield sites, endangered today by human development. Amongst other sites it frequents is the Towans, Hayle, an area close to my heart. In 1888 the area was used by the National Explosives Company to produce dynamite for the local Tin mines. All that remains are stunning dunes with the unobtrusive footprints of the industrial buildings. Interconnected species supported include the smooth newt, white-lipped paiansnted snail, skylark, common blue and silver studded butterflies, wolf spider and glow worm alongside Thrift, Brassica, Bramble, Sea Spurge, Grey Willow, Thistle, Rosebay Willowherb and Marram Grass."

Vintage clockmakers container, embroidery thread, wool, vintage Kamibari gold thread, beads.

38mm x 15mm