41bee) Female Tormentil Nomad Bee

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Female Tormentil Nomad Bee

2x actual size

This is what Chloe Morter, our companion artist, says about Nomada roberjeotian:

"To thrive, the Tormentil Nomad Bee relies on its host the Tormentil Mining Bee and both bees use Tormentil as a pollen source, so high densities of this plant within heath and moorland pastures are essential. Agricultural changes and deterioration have meant the loss of this landscape and the bee species have suffered as a result. My embroidery focuses on the Tormentil Flower within the landscape and the insect life which surrounds it. I felt it was appropriate to include the words from a poem by John Clare who was working in the early 1800's. In his lifetime he saw the 'Improvements' that came with enclosure and the changes wrought upon the landscape.

From: The Flitting 1833

I miss the heath it's yellow furze

Molehills and rabbit-tracks that lead

Through beesom ling and teasel burrs

That spread a wilderness indeed....


Vintage brass container with Mother of Pearl, embroidery thread, wool, vintage Kamibari gold thread, beads.

26mm x 20mm x 15mm