45bee) Female Large (cliff) Mason Bee

195 GBP

Female Large (cliff) Mason Bee

2x actual size

This is an endangered bee is on the verge of extinction.  She's in serious trouble.

She makes her nests of mud in grass tussocks, roots and rocky cavities in sandstone and chalk cliffs.  Osmia Xanthomelana bees feed on only bird's-foot-trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) and horseshoe vetch (Hippocrepis comosa) flowers. 

Vintage clockmakers container, embroidery thread, wool, vintage Kamibari gold thread, beads.

Thank you for your interest in this piece - all sales go to support the continuing journey of the FIFTY BEES project. Please contact me should you wish to consider breaking the cost down into 2 or 3 more manageable payments.

51mm x 17mm