51) Sea Radish (Raphanus Maritimus) by Rebecca Bruton, companion to 51bee, Andrena agilissima, the Violet-winged Mining Bee

245 GBP

Having researched the beautiful Violet Winged Mining Bee and its habitat I decided to focus my companion artwork on the Sea Radish. This bee almost exclusively collects pollen from this unusual and fascinating crucifer and so it is absolutely vital to its ecology. This striking plant with its long tapering seedpods is predominantly costal, thrives in sandy soil and is a forager’s favorite. As my artwork is a response to the ecology of my bee, I felt it was important to use only natural materials. I made my own dyes to add colour to cotton fabric. I used Brussels sprouts for the green, part of the Brassica family, just like the Sea Radish and for the yellow I used bee pollen! I’ve used pure cotton thread in the ‘drawing’ of my Sea Radish artwork to replicate the delicacy of the bee’s ecosystem.

Plant and Pollen Dyed Fabric, Cotton Thread, Watercolour Paper.

Companion to Lydia’s 51bee - seen in the last picture.

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