52) Nature Therapy 1 by Elinor Taylor, companion to 52bee, Andrena angustior, the Groove-faced Mining Bee

225 GBP

It started with looking at the food sources of my bee and I settled on the hawthorn. As I was thinking about what I might make, in my log pile I discovered a piece of wood with a knot that had naturally created an eyehole. As soon as I found it, I knew I wanted to use it to create a viewfinder so I whittled it that night.

Inside the box I’ve used fabric that I’ve been saving for ten years that my sister-in-law was throwing out. I’ve also used organza from an old set of curtains, wool and basic household threads. To create the form on the petals, I used starch and a conical sieve.

Wool, wood, fabrics, paint, starch, LED strip lights

to Lydia’s 52bee - seen in the last picture.

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