55a) Flight Paths by Susan Mannion, , companion to 55bee, Andrena bicolor, the Gwynnes's Mining Bee

115 GBP

Although not the most colourful, my little bee, Andrena Bicolour, is still a fascinating bee having two broods each year and, as the common name suggests, it “mines’ into the ground.

I loved the fact that this little bee floated between the realms of air and earth. I created two small enamel wall plaques with hand carved frames to show the two spheres of this bee’s existence, Flight Paths and To Deeper Horizons. I was intrigued by their ability to fly, their airborne existence and yet they have to return to earth and burrow into the earth to start the next generation.

I adored the idea of this exhibition as soon as I read about it and was delighted to have been included in the list of artists.

Enamelled copper with a hand carved tulip wood frame.

Companion to Lydia’s 55bee - seen in the last picture.

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