56) Between the land and the sea (a bee’s eye view) by Ange Hart, companion to 56bee, Andrena bimaculata, the Large Gorse Mining Bee

125 GBP

My bee is elusive. She makes her nest underground and loves sandy soil as she's not very good a digging and she doesn’t make honey, or combs... so that was my first idea out of the window!

I've enjoyed researching this project so much. I’ve found myself following bees, trying to film them, nearly getting run over trying to save them or collect dead ones. My usual comment of “It’s ok, I’m an artist” usually satisfies most folk. They return a look that just says, ”Yes, of course…”

This monoprint is one of a series. The idea stemmed from the ever-reducing habitat for all bees, but especially those, like my bee that require extremely specific habitats. I explored the idea of the space between the land and the sea, being squeezed from both sides, tarmac encroaching on one side as we build roads and car parks so that we may enjoy access to the coast and natures erosion of the beach and cliffs on the other.


Companion to Lydia’s 56bee - seen in the last picture.

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