58) Burrow by Angela Morley, companion to 58bee Andrena congruens, the Long-fringed Mining Bee

295 GBP

The overall shape of this woven piece is an abstraction of man's greedy hand reaching into the ground symbolising its role in the destruction of habitat.

I speculate on the shape of the underground burrows dug out by the Long-fringed Mining Bee, typically 5 chambers, one per egg. Sand and chalk particles reflect the habitat; New Zealand flax symbolises the strength and fragility of the bee itself.
To finish the piece, I needed to wait for willow to flower, to collect pollen, just like bees have to, pussy willows being a very important source of early pollen and nectar.

New Zealand Flax, chalk, sand, willow pollen, willow catkins

Companion to Lydia’s 58bee - seen in the last picture.

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