59) Taraxacum Delight by Louise Condon, companion to Andrena dorsata, the Short-fringed Mining Bee

125 GBP

I imagine myself as the Short-fringed Mining Bee. I bow down amongst the grasses, daisies, umbellifers and nettles. What do I see: the quirky bent over stalks and sunshine-like flower heads of dandelions everywhere?

Dandelions are often discarded as they are seen as a common weed, interrupting the velvet green carpets of lawns.

I wanted to capture the dandelion as the beautiful form it is and the much-loved friend of my Short-fringed Mining Bee.

The piece has been formed in clay and cast in plaster. This process captures fine detail and the honest movement of the plant. The frame has been created using wire to replicate movement of growth and dancing vines. The ornate frame gives the dandelion pride of place and glamour.

Plaster, wire

Companion to Lydia’s 59bee - seen in the last picture.

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