61) “I went looking…” by Suzie Simmons, companion to 61bee, Andrena semilaevis, the Shiny-margined Mini-mining Bee

95 GBP

Taking my paper and pens I went looking for places my bee might nest, in meadows, woods and gardens, but everywhere was sodden in this wet Spring. A few places were undisturbed – ploughs and diggers had raked the soil of potential nesting sites, and food rich wildflower meadows have almost disappeared.

But I found some quiet green corners, where speedwells and buttercups grew, and where small shiny bees would soon emerge from the loose soil.

Once my pages were full of notes and drawings, I tore them into pieces, pinning this fragmented environment to unframed board, vulnerable memories of my search.

Mixed media

Companion to Lydia’s 61bee - seen in the last picture.

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