60) Sallow Triptych by Bee Hayes, companion to 60bee, Andrena praecox, the Small Sallow Mining Bee

235 GBP

Andrena Praecox or the Small Sallow Mining Bee is a creature of narrow habits. It feeds exclusively on the Sallow; the species of willow known commonly as Goat Willow and Grey Willow (Salix Caprea and Salix Cinerea).

The ceramic piece, ‘Sallow Triptych’, aims to show the different stages of flowering in these species, from the well-known ‘pussy willow’ beginnings of the catkins in their sleek furred grey, through the floral stage covered in tiny yellow stamens, to the tail end of their flowering, elongated and green soon to be overtaken by new leaves.

The three tiles are porcelain, individually stained and slip cast, before illustrations are added using underglazes, oxides and gloss glazes, before a final high firing vitrifies the pieces. I’ve chosen to show them without glass so that the textures may be fully appreciated.

Slip cast stained porcelain

Companion to Lydia’s 60bee - seen in the last picture.

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