62) Close to the edge by Gary Cook, companion to 62bee, Andrena thoracica, the Cliff Mining Bee

250 GBP

Living on the edge

Cliff mining bees, like many insects, are living on the edge. Through our actions, their numbers have declined and their status is unsure. They have evolved to live on sandy clifftops and, like one of their food sources, hawthorn trees, have cleverly adapted to survive in that harsh environment. The hawthorn’s twisted windblown branches illustrate the powerful impact that invisible forces can have on species. Similarly, our use of chemicals, land development and climate change are having a massive impact on all nature. The precarious fate of Cliff Mining Bee represents the struggle we face to find a new balance for the future.

Ink and watercolour on board

Companion to Lydia’s 62bee - seen in the last picture.

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