64) Life Flight by Hazel Partridge, companion piece to 64bee, Anthophora bimaculata, the Little (Green-eyed) Flower Bee

295 GBP

This piece explores the relationship between Anthrophora Bimaculata and the sky above. Bees use the positioning of the sun and the light that it shines to navigate the world around them. Though they nest in large aggregations, solitary bees can always find their way back to their own nest hole, and each is preoccupied with its own life. This reminded me of our own society- individuals maybe; but all influenced by light, dark and the turn of the tide. Here the bee takes part in a heavenly dance, spinning through the air as through life before falling to rest among the coastal plants that it favours, where the cycle can begin again. Hand-cut paper. Companion to Lydia’s 64bee - seen in the last picture. ****Please note**** 1) IF YOU ARE PURCHASING THIS PIECE, please ‘follow’ my page as it will give the artist 10% more of the fee. 2) there may be addition charges for postage