67) ’67 Peepshow by Pascoe Needle companion to 67bee, Bombus cryptarum, the Cryptic Bumblebee

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The format of the piece is a tunnel book, formerly called a Peep show, these originate from the mid 18th – fitting because Bombus Cryptarum was first written about in 1775 by J C Fabricius.

Bombus Cryptarum is so named because of the difficulty identifying it as discrete species; recent research papers cite stereomicroscopy for identification. The need for close examination led me to utilise microscope slides for the construction of this piece. Most date from the late1960s with a few newer slides included with pollens from UK plants are present; heather stamens and petals also feature.

The Cryptic Bumblebee is relatively widespread in the UK, throughout northern Europe, Russia and Alaska. Upland areas are the preferred habitat, with a proclivity for Heather, Blackthorn, Bilberry and Mountain Birch so I have featured these in the peep show layers.

Vintage microscope slides, glass, pollen, heather stamens and petals, Tervakoski 25gsm detail paper, paper, pen and ink, tape, extract from the 1775 book “Systema entomologiæ” by J C Fabricius, copper tape.

Companion to Lydia’s 67bee - seen in the last picture.

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