68) by Laura Mabbutt companion to 68bee, Bombus humilis, the Brown-banded Carder Bee

145 GBP

I have always been fascinated by bees and their nesting habits. Their nest are works of art in their own right and I have felt compelled to attempt to recreate them - this project has given me that chance.

I have used my primary material, handmade felt, to capture the sense of the nest of the Brown-banded Carder Bee (Bombus humilis). Within the felt I have fused silk and plant fibres to add texture and help create pockets, much like the bee itself. Within these pockets, glass beads are held which represent the jewel-like broods. A box frame encapsulating the work creates a sense of the environment that these bees typically nest in, either within the undergrowth or underground.

Wool, wood

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