69) Poetry sequence booklets by Alex Josephy, companion to Bombus hypnorum, the Tree Bumblebee


For Bombus Hypnorum, the beautiful Tree Bumblebee, I have written a sequence of four poems. I was thinking a lot about the bee’s way of seeing its environment, and how different their eyes and vision are to ours. They see things we can’t see, ignore some of the things we see. They have three ‘primitive’ eyes, which see mainly movements, light and shade, and two ‘compound’ eyes with many hexagonal ommatidia. So, staying with the number six, I’ve made a sequence of six cards for each poem, each with a hexagonal window and each containing a stanza from the poem. I’ve varied the words and order here and there to honour the way in which the bee’s eyes collect, sift and integrate many small pieces of visual information. And I have included some of the things that attract them most strongly: spots, dots and wavy lines, broken patterns, sudden movements. I’ve used the bee’s colours too - black, white and ginger. I hope you’ll love Bombus Hypnorum as much as I now do!

Companion to Lydia’s 69bee - seen in the last picture.

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