72) Mortar by Alison Sye, companion to 72bee, Colletes daviesanus, the Davies' Colletes

95 GBP

I chose mortar as my subject on account of my bee choosing it as a nesting place.

The 'thrown away' papers have been hand-stitched entirely on public transport, which is my main studio.

Whenever possible, I give credit to the photographers behind the images in my art. On this occasion, these are: Ian Jones, Andy Parsons, Nigel Howard, Jooney Woodward, Ed Marshall, Daniel Lynch, Peter Nicholls, Harry Shunk, János Kender, Frank Augustein, Jane Barlow, Steffan Hill and Getty Images.

In my eyes, the stories behind the bricks are of equal importance to the finished piece. I have recorded these stories on my blog, as there is not enough space here.

Discarded Papers and Second-Hand Thread

£95 money raised goes back to the project

Companion to Lydia’s 72bee - seen in the last picture.

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