77) We Spy The Gilded Prize by Melanie Mascarenhas, companion to 78bee, Lasioglossum albipes, the Bloomed Furrow Bee

290 GBP

The wonderful thing about being a nature-focussed artist is discovering new things to share. During my research into the Bloomed Furrow Bee (Lasioglossum albipes), I learnt that although both male & female bees enjoyed visiting many different flowers, the females were especially fond of buttercups. So it seemed fitting that my companion piece for this diminutive bee should be inspired by an equally diminutive flower & childhood favourite; the humble buttercup.

This monotype was created to not only celebrate an overlooked childhood favourite, but to also emphasise the fragility & delicate balance that exists between ourselves & that of our disappearing meadow habitats.

Oil-based Monotype

Companion to Lydia’s 77bee - seen in the last picture.

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