80) There You Are by Alison Hancock, companion to 80bee Lasioglossum cupromicans, the Turquoise Furrow Bee

200 GBP

The partnership between Fifty Bees and A2 is a very natural one. Our work is heavily influenced on all things Nature. So we were very excited to be part of this. It gave us the platform to progress our work into a 3d format as it naturally 'grew up’ off the page from the tiny design elements that make up A2’s style, into an abstract representation of grass and bee. There was an immediate link to our ‘Turquoise Furrow Bee’ as this is a dominant colour we use in our work. We hope ‘There you are’ excites and draws you in.

copper, paper, earring backs! and that green oasis

Companion to Lydia’s 80bee - seen in the last picture.

****Please note****

1) IF YOU ARE PURCHASING THIS PIECE, please ‘follow’ my page as it will give the artist 10% more of the fee

2) there may be addition charges for postage

3) 15% from the sale of this artwork goes to fund the continuing work of the Richard Jefferies Museum..