81) Midnight Moorland by Joanna Briar, companion to 81bee Lasioglossum fratellums, the Smooth-faced Furrow Bee

125 GBP

My linocut print, inspired by the super moon that occurred on 31st January 2018, explores how the moonlight illuminates the flowers and landscape on wild moorland. 

The Smooth-faced Furrow Bee, widespread throughout Britain but more commonly found in the North and West, lives in sandy heathland or on the edge of moorland, visiting flowers such as scabious, bellflowers and dandelions. 

My lino block was carved by hand and printed using safe-wash ink onto Japanese Shoji paper. I wrote the haiku poem to frame the print (also hand-carved) and it follows the traditional syllable count of 5-7-5.


Companion to Lydia’s 81bee - seen in the last picture.

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