82) Mandala for Chalk Furrow Bee by Colin Bell, companion to 82bee Lasioglossum fulvicorne, the (Lime-loving) Chalk Furrow Bee

145 GBP

I find it intriguing that there is a whole world of beautiful shapes and structures too small for our eyes to see. These constitute the foundations of everything.

The black and white electron microscope photos of coccoliths (the calcium carbonate “bones” of algae that lived and died, in their billions, millions of years ago) reveal the minute organic pieces that make the chalk of the downs, home of the Chalk Furrow Bee.

The other electron microscope photos in the border show the amazing structures of pollen grains. The bee lays its egg on a ball of pollen, food for the hatched lava, another link in the interrelatedness of everything.


Companion to Lydia’s 82bee - seen in the last picture.

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