83) Helen Perry - companion to 83bee - Lasioglossum laevigatum, the Red-backed (black-mouthed) Furrow Bee

245 GBP

This porcelain paper clay on wood sculpture has been inspired by the Red-backed Furrow Bees preferred habitat. Usually found in south facing soft clay rock cliff faces, in particular where landslips have occurred. The work is a representation of the clay soil particles in the clay habitats seen under the microscope and not ordinarily seen by humans passing by.

Each porcelain slither is sliced by hand into delicate flat like flakes and then joined together to make an earthy like mass, purposely left unglazed and in a raw delicate state, not unlike the eroded, endangered habitats of its companion.

Porcelain paper clay, wood

Companion to Lydia’s 83bee - seen in the last picture.

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