85) The Weight of the World by Donna Vale - companion to 85bee - Macropis europaea, the Yellow Loosestrife Bee

245 GBP

A very special bee in that it lives and nests near water and damp ground. The pollen and oils are obtained primarily from the Yellow Loosestrife plant. The nectar is obtained from other flowers belonging to plants such as water mint, thistles and brambles.

The words read:

‘And they lined their burrows with oil from the flowers creating cells that are filled with pollen and nectar. An egg is laid and the burrow sealed to protect it from flooding.’

The energy and determination it must take to burrow and line the nest for the next generation of bees, is extraordinary. In creating this piece I have used natural earth pigments such as purple, yellow and red ochre, white clay and charcoal found in riverside campfires.   The wood is from the Yew tree, often believed to be an emblem of resurrection through its connection with churches and graveyards throughout England.

Yew tree, resin, earth pigments, vinyl text, copper leaf, charcoal.

Companion to Lydia’s 85bee - seen in the last picture.

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