87) Home & Habitat intertwined by Melanie Wickham - companion to 87bee - Megachile willughbiella, the Willughby's Leafcutter Bee

190 GBP

Excitingly, Willoughbys Leafcutter Bees are all around us in Southern Britain, in urban spaces and countryside gardens. Whilst working on these lino prints, I watched one snipping leaves in my own tiny back garden and flying off to her nest somewhere nearby. Seemingly dull little nooks and crannies and plants, which we may even consider weeds, combine to create the world of the Willoughbys Leafcutter, interlinked together by her flight between the two. I started to make this piece as a black and white lino print, but once I had watched my own little bee working so hard, that all changed. I wanted to make the tiny little holes in her bee hotel and the plants, that we humans can so easily overlook, as splendid as possible, as dazzling and as important as they are to the little bee and so have created her 'Home & Habitat Intertwined' in gold inks instead. 

Lino print

Companion to Lydia’s 87bee - seen in the last picture.

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