88) I Wander the Wild Flowers by Gemma Attwell - companion to 88bee - Melecta albifrons, the Common Mourning Bee

190 GBP

Although Melecta Albifrons is the more common of the Melecta sub-species of bee, they are still solitary and somewhat difficult to spot. The first recorded sighting was made in the 18th century, a time when botany and herbal remedy was more widely practiced.

This bee tends to visit wild flowers and herbs, so one can see how they would be occasionally spotted by those foraging wild growing flora.

My locket was inspired by 18th century style and depicts a hand holding lavender, rosemary and feverfew, popular medicinal herbs of the time and flowers frequented by the Common Mourning Bee.

Sterling silver – pendant

Companion to Lydia’s 88bee - seen in the last picture.

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