91) A Sandy Pathway by Rachel Leach - companion to 91bee Nomada fabriciana, the Fabricius' Nomad Bee

145 GBP

Inspired by this locally spun 4-ply yarn I loved the texture created when it is knitted in such a way to incorporate pockets of air. This tiny bee is quite vulnerable as it chooses to nestle within the sandy pathways of the wild heathlands of southern England. I wanted to create a work that draws you in close and makes you want to, like the bee, find a little crevice, a way into this soft warm place.

Wool, Buckram, Bamboo, Wood, Watercolour paint

Companion to Lydia’s 91bee - seen in the last picture.

****Please note****

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2) There may be addition charges for postage

3) 15% from the sale of this artwork goes to fund the continuing work of the Richard Jefferies Museum..

4) This will be ready for posting out at the end of June 2018.