93) Yellow Shouldered Bee Flight Paths by Rowena Payne

200 GBP

My watercolour shows the imagined private world of the Yellow Shouldered Bee, on its pollen and nectar search through vegetation by a riverbank. It feeds on willow catkins, lesser celandine, dandelion and flowering blackcurrant. I’ve symbolised these with interconnected abstract shapes and sweeping brush marks symbolising a bee ‘pathway’ to nectar filled flowers. There is a significant amount of yellow as it is a Yellow-shouldered Bee and I’m imagining a sunny day. I think you can guess by vibrant spring greens and exuberant brush marks, which season we are experiencing, yes, you’re right! - Spring - March to May, when this wasp-like bee works its hardest.

Watercolour & water soluble crayon

Companion to Lydia’s 93bee - seen in the last picture.

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