97bee) Spring Border by Carole Tongue - campanion piece to the Red-tailed Mason Bee

150 GBP

Working on this project has been a chance to indulge my passions for drawing and natural history. I have taken my sketchbook all over Wiltshire, in all weathers and recorded what I saw. From the first spring flowers, bravely pushing out of the cold soil, to the warmer, lush flourishing of spring. Then it was a question of selecting for the final piece. This work shows the camouflaged snail shell where this bee chooses to lay her eggs in Spring. I worked in wood engraving as this traditional craft reflects the character of gentlemanly scientific endeavour that this project embodies.

Companion to Lydia’s 97bee - seen in the last picture.

Wood engraving, plate size 5cm x 7cm

Framed size : 31cm x 39cm

****Please note****

1) IF YOU ARE PURCHASING THIS PIECE, please ‘follow’ my page FIRST as it will give the artist 10% more of the fee

2) there may be addition charges for postage

3) 15% from the sale of this artwork goes to fund the continuing work of the Richard Jefferies Museum..

4) This will be ready for posting out at the end of June 2018.