98) Hedgerow: Plant Litter No. 1 by Georgina Bruce companion piece to 98bee) Swollen-thighed Blood Bee

175 GBP

Hedgerow: Plant Litter No. 1

In researching and producing this piece, I was fascinated by the diversity of flora that my bee was attracted to, mostly native species of plant and wildflower that make up the common British hedgerow. This environment provides a valuable habitat for a lot of invertebrates which in turn support other small mammals and birds. Sadly, when exploring these hedgerows, it was not unusual for me to find discarded rubbish and litter amongst the greenery, and so I have put the two together, the plants and the litter, to help raise awareness that we have a responsibility to look after our hedgerows.

Mixed media: collage, ink, graphite, gold leaf

Companion to Lydia’s 98bee - seen in the last picture.

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