A5 Bee prints in mount - 20 different British Bee species

15 GBP

I have been working on a project about our glorious, much overlooked British bees. It’s called FIFTY BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things because it’s about how important our bees and other pollinators are and how they are connected to everything, including us. I stared with making fifty of Britain’s 270 bees. And then I made another fifty. All of them are made from wool which I needlefelted and stitched and worked into vintage container. Finally, following a lot of requests, I’ve photographed 21 them and sent them to be turned into very beautiful, high-quality prints. So here they are – which one is your favourite? In this collection you will find: Bee 11: The Wool Carder Bee Bee 14: The Worker Honey Bee Bee 17: The Queen Bilberry Bumblebee Bee 18: The Queen Moss Carder Bee Bee 20: The Queen Large Garden Bumblebee Bee 21: The Queen Broken-belted Bumblebee Bee 23: The Queen Shrill Carder Bee Bee 29: The Female Ivy Bee Bee 42: The Six-banded Nomad Bee Bee 54: The Small Sandpit Mining Bee Bee 60: The Small Sallow Mining Bee Bee 61: The Shiny-margined Mini-mining Bee Bee 64: The Green-eyed Flower Bee Bee 67: The Cryptic Bumblebee Bee 69: The Tree Bumblebee and finally Bee 72: The Davies'Colletes Bee 79: The Male Common Furrow Bee Bee 88: The Male Common Mourning Bee Bee 89: The Male Sainfoin Bee Bee 97: The Female Red-tailed Mason Bee A little something about the printing method used. It is Sinterix or sinterescent print, a process based on a heat-suffused sintered powder application to the paper. Sinterescent prints are characterised by extremely high image quality and can be printed at very high resolution to bring up extremely fine detail. The papers used are all are FSC approved, compliant to ISO14001, are rated 'acid free' and have non-ageing specification is to ISO 9706 (Permanent), which means they will not degrade under normal archival or storage conditions for at least 300 years. According to the Fine Art Guild (for art prints): "Colours should be relatively lightfast, scoring 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale." These prints score 6 or higher on this scale and considered a comparable product to Giclée prints. Please note that colour, tone, and shade may vary according to your computer or phone screen. Therefore, there may be small differences between what you see on your screen and the print.. PLEASE NOTE: These prints are UNFRAMED but fit in standard frame sizes. The size of the prints are A5 (148.5mm x 210mm). If purchasing prints to include a mount, it will measure 250mm x 300mm approximately and come with optional cellophane sleeve (but we’d be over the moon if you opted for the ‘naked’ version without any additional packaging so we’re doing that 50p cheaper.) Please get in touch if you are interested in a different sizes Please allow approx 1-2 weeks for the print & delivery process but I hope to get them out to you sooner.