76) 338 expressions on the journey of Hylaeus brevicornis by David Smith, companion to 76bee, Hylaeus brevicornis, the Short-horned Yellow-face Bee

430 GBP

I make abstract work, often minimalist and repetitive that explores patterns and processes of Nature, especially the interplay between chaos and control.

To be asked to create work about this tiny bee was outside my typical process. To do the task justice involved much research, scribbling, play, thinking, interconnecting with everything, planning, discarding and then being somewhat more reasonable.

It became clear that I could never explain the process of arriving at the work in my allocated 100 words, so I made some of the words part of the artwork. I will only explain more to whoever buys the piece.

Ink on handmade Indian rag paper mounted on archival cotton paper with printed text.

Companion to Lydia’s 76bee - seen in the last picture.

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