Song birds of the UK: Skylark of Steart

80 GBP

This is the second in a series of songbird pieces I'm doing - this is the Skylark of Steart. If you have ever witnessed the flight Skylarks, you'll know that it puts on a display going vertically up in the air and then singing it's little heart out. The male rises from the ground high in to the air where it remains stationary for several minutes, fluttering his wings before parachuting back down to the ground. Whilst he is in the air, he continuously sings its warbling song. "Skylark populations are declining in almost all countries of northern and western Europe. In the UK, the population halved during the 1990s, and is still declining. In the preferred habitat of farmland, skylarks declined by 75% between 1972 and 1996.' RSPB website. This piece is built into a vintage Songster gramophone needle tin and is made wool which has been wet and needle felted, it is then finished with embroidery. It measures 48mm x 36cm x 11mm