Erosion 1

175 GBP

  • I loved talking about these pieces during Somerset Open Studios and visitors to the gallery were really surprised to hear how they were made and how very tough wool and other natural fibres are. I think they also really appreciated being able to touch them - I could see so many were itching to get there fingers onto the fibres. As we talked, I was also able to show them where the colours had changed as the sea spray and the rust from the lookout has been incorporated into the final pieces.  Erosion 1 includes pink hand dyed and finger spun yarn, there’s also some scraps of scrim. It has a lovely 3D quality and there’s so much to look at, so much for the eye to capture.
  • This is what was written on the wall next to the pieces. “The EROSION series was created using donated wool from sheep, alpaca, llama and rabbits and natural fibres, yarns and fabrics such as cotton, flax, ramie and hemp including preloved and worn fabrics. These were fused together using the wet felting method and came together to form an installation which hung from a derelict lookout at Brean Down Fort and were exposed to the full force of British coastal weather during September and October. I wanted to see how the individual works faired – would they change, weaken, disappear?”

This piece is mounted on card read to be framed. Framing can be arranged for an additional cost.
Artwork measures: 52cm x 17xm
Backing mount measures: 59cm x 22cm
Backing mounts can be altered to fit frames.