50bee) Female Violet Carpenter

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Female Violet Carpenter Bee – 1.5x actual size. The Violet Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa violacea) is a fairly recent visitor to our shores and it is uncertain whether it's a 'vagrant' (rude) or human-assisted visitor.  It could be a sign of climate change or could just be hitching a ride on wooden pellets from abroad - cheeky.

It favours the flowers of Wisteria, Sweet Peas, Runner Beans and Lavender.

This was the first of the bees that I made deciding that, because it's the largest of the Bees of Great Britain, it would be good one to learn about bees' form.  And what a beautiful creature it is, sweet little bottom - I hope I've done her justice.  

I worker her in wool, sculpting her using needlefelt. then I completed her by using fine voile and embroidery threads, gold leaf, and beads and placing her in a vintage clockmaker's container.  

50mm x 18mm