100) Field Margin by Jackie Curtis - 100 - Sphecodes geoffrellus, Geoffroy's Blood Bee

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My Bee likes open habitats and among the various plants it visits are umbellifers which I love to use in my printmaking. I therefore wanted to create an image that incorporated the umbellifers and I was drawn to the tangle of shapes that I found at the edge of fields and beside hedgerows on my walks. This monoprint explores the field margin that has been left by the farmer to be a strip of wilderness. The monoprint (which means it is (1/1); a unique one off print) uses foraged dried plants and bramble leaves creating an impression of a bee’s eye view through the late spring undergrowth, with a hint of the open space and field beyond.

Monoprint mounted to fit 11” sq frame (12.1” sq total size).
Companion to Lydia’s 100bee - seen in the last picture.
15% from the sale of this artwork goes to fund the continuing work of the Richard Jefferies Museum.
Please note: there may be addition charges for postage.
This will be ready for posting out at the end of June 2018.