Leave Only Footprints:erosion


Lots listed on eBay - A few more pieces from 'erosion' that are already up on eBay - I so love all of these pieces, wish I could frame them all and build a big wall to put them on. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122188202734 Leave Only Footprints: erosion was an installation inspired by the British coastline and used natural wool fibres from sheep, alpaca, llama, rabbits. I have flat felted pieces encapsulating natural fibres from cotton, flax, ramie and hemp including preloved and worn fabrics. All of the pieces have been hanging from one of the derelict lookouts at Brean Down Fort and were exposed to the full force of the elements over the space of a month. The pieces changed and eroded over the four weeks – some did not, see how they all turned out. The project was self funded meaning the artists were not paid for putting on the month long show. Now, in order to now fund the next project, I am trying to raise some money by selling off pieces of the installation via eBay because that allows for auction type sales. Postage to all areas are possible- please do get in touch if you need me to work out coatings. And framing can be organised to, great framer near me but it will possibly cost up to £50. Do get in touch if you need any further information.