Leave Only Footprints:evolution - cave lion

95 GBP

‘Leave Only Footprints: evolution’ aims to make visible the invisible legacy of pre-historic Brean Down, and the ice age beasts that once walked the land. When on Brean, there is much physical evidence of man’s historical presence yet there are no distinguishable signs of these once magnificent creatures who left ‘only footprints’, despite their size. It will be a 3D manifestation of cave paintings, an installation to hang from the ceiling that will move in response to wind and human motion in the building

The installation is made up of individual woollen animals: mammoths, giant elk, wolves, bison, wild cats and will be made using traditional wet felting (the oldest form of fabric known to humankind) and needle felting methods. Each creature will be formed over beachcombed wood, bricks etc. highlighting erosion over time in both the subject and the materials.

As a further development of the work and highlighting human presence, the installation will comment on modern man’s legacy to the world, referencing the impact pollution and waste has on our seas and the wildlife therein, and will integrate beachcombed fragments (polystyrenes, plastics, metals) gathered from Brean and other British beaches.