Pet Portrait deposit

100 GBP


It’s great to work on an original, one off piece made specifically for one person, capturing the characteristics of a much loved creature in wool is a real challenge too.

My sculptures are hand crafted using British wool, initially constructed with Shetland wool. Sometimes, I include embroidery and stumpwork if I feel it suits the commission. They are very time and labour intensive but they’re worth the effort because I love making them and have a great respect for animals.

When I’m working on a commission I’ll ask for lots of photos of the animal, showing all angles and musculature. 

Needle Felt Sculpture Commissions

Feel free to email me any questions you have but here are the answers to a few common questions that come up:

1. In general, the sculptures are around 20 cm long or high.

2. I work from photographs for information gathering so that I can get a good idea of colour, markings and muscle formation all the way round so I need as many and as varied as possible.

3. Timing – it takes AT LEAST 7 days to produce a one off piece if I have no other commitments. 

4. Standard large commissions cost £575 – contact me should you have ideas for larger works or smaller.

5. In order to secure a commission, I will need a deposit of £100 which will be taken off the final cost – but emails are free, contact me as many times as you want!