Song birds of the UK: Starling of the Somerset Levels

75 GBP

This is the first in a series of songbird pieces I'm doing - this is the Starling of which we have many, living as we do on the edge of the Somerset Levels. They have the most remarkable songs which are a complex mixture of melodious and mechanical sounds, and each bird has its own repertoire which often includes mimicking of other sounds. With Autumn on the way, they are starting to collect into groups really for the amazing murmurations that will begin in November. Despite the huge flocks we see, in actual fact, the starling population has fallen by over 80% in recent years, meaning they are now on the critical list of UK birds most at risk. This piece is built into a vintage Songster gramophone needle tin and is made wool which has been wet and needle felted, it is then finished with embroidery. It measures 48mm x 36cm x 11mm